Danger Doom - The Mouse & The Mask - 2x LP Vinyl

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The Mouse & The Mask
Danger Doom
12" Vinyl


10th Anniversary re-issue of The Mouse and the Mask in original custom frosted plastic packaging
Guest features from Talib Kweli, Cee Lo Green, Ghostface Killah.
 The album was a critical and commecial success and the iconic UK version of the vinyl designed by longterm Lex collaborator EHQuestionmark has been long sought after. The reissue is presented in the exact same spec as the original double vinyl including the custom made frosted plastic outersleeve, spot flouro and metallic pantone printed printed inner sleeves.

Following on from the genius that was the Madvilliany collab, MF Doom looked to Dangermouse for a co-production; resulting in a sound that isn't many degrees of separation from his King Geedorah project, albeit given a more upfront set of beats. Based around the Adult Swim series, 'The Mouse & the Mask' favours some fantastically murky beats and monochrome atmospherics which lend a real sense of subterranean menace to the gloriously childish content. Kicking things off is the darkheart canyon jump of 'El Chupa Nibre', wherein DM's production is reminiscent of his time as Jemini's cohort, whilst Doom meets his end of the bargain through some word-association rambling and pic'n'mix grunts. Next up is 'Sofa King' and a freshly baked batch of 23 Skidoo references from Doom; whilst behind the glass Dangermouse rustles up a queasy coalition of strings that are shot to ribbons by the snare-heavy breakfast. Sunny side up! Elsewhere, 'The Mask' is a horn f*cked romp with an incendiary guest appearance from Ghostface, 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' gets the head nodding through a syrup slow Doom-rhyme and filtered funk backing, whilst 'Old School' is a reminiscing masterclass (bolstered by Talib Kweli's cartoon chat). 'The Mouse & The Mask' is a beautifully coherent LP despite the juxtaposing styles of the pair involved.
A1 El Chupa Nibre
A2 Sofa King
A3 The Mask
A4 Perfect Hair
B1 Benzie Box
B2 Old School
B3 A.T.H.F.
C1 Basket Case
C2 No Names
C3 Crosshairs
C4 Mince Meat
D1 Vats Of Urine
D2 Space Ho's
D3 Bada Bing

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