Daniel Haaksman - Rambazamba - 2x LP Vinyl

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Daniel Haaksman
12" Vinyl


2LP version. This is the debut album by Man's own label-head, Daniel Haaksman. The label is based in Berlin, though starting as an imprint for baile funk, nowadays, it is one of the most important contributors to a contemporary club sound reflecting a hyper-accelerated, globalized world where musical genres melt together until they become indefinable. Daniel Haaksman is an undeniable "funkeiro numero um da Alemanha" (trans. "Germany's #1 funkster") and impressively proves this with his debut album, going even one step further. Rambazamba might be deeply rooted in the aesthetic of baile funk, but takes the Brazilian sound as a starting point for a journey into the soundscapes of local music going global all around the world. The title of the album reflects this melting pot of ideas: Rambazamba is German vernacular for "stir up" or "mayhem," used a lot in German spoken language, yet it sounds "exotic." Its origins are etymologically unclear (though a common belief is that it's a vernacular appropriation of the Spanish "carramba" or a mix-up of "rumba" and "samba") and there are suggestions that it comes from Yiddish or Romanic languages. Whatever the origin, the word perfectly represents the atmosphere of the album as it represents the chaos, energy, and uprising elements of the recordings, and at the same time, with its unclear etymological origin, it mirrors the aesthetic of the album with references to the sound of cities like Rio De Janeiro, Salvador De Bahia, Belem, Cairo, Luanda, Napoli, or regions such as the Caribbean and the Balkans. Featuring contributions from Tati Quebra Barraco, Seguindo Sonhos, Roxxy Bione, Shantel & Bobanh Markovic Orkestar and Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Orchestra.
A1 Vinheta
A2 Jesus
A3 Pobum Coco
A4 Copabanana
B1 Hands Up
B2 Dubcheck
B3 Angola Galopp
B4 Strut Oriental
C1 Sum Sum
C2 Senta Senta
C3 Kewok
C4 Carnaval
D1 Din Daa Daa
D2 Bomba
D3 El Gitarro
D4 Berlin Brega