Doctor Scientist - Prehistoric Times - LP Vinyl

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Prehistoric Times
Doctor Scientist
12" Vinyl


Post-apocalyptic screams, blips, and guitars thrash their way into a burnt-out landscape of digital future-past. Where dance beats and laser guns are one and the same, and where both aid in battling the warlords, robocops, and dinosaurs roaming the refuse of our cities and towns. Such is the weird world that the Philadelphia-based band, DOCTOR SCIENTIST has offered its loyal listeners since 2007's This Changes Everything. Now, with 2010's Prehistoric Times, that world is made both more prehistoric, more apocalyptic, and somehow both more brutal and more danceable. The band's fourth member, the robot, has taken a holiday to 808ville and has come back from vacation with the some of the most beastly beats and drum loops available to human ears. Adding bass guitar unto the barrage of these beats, guitar shreds, and curdled android howls gives Prehistoric Times a fuller, more enveloping sound. Doctor Scientist's odd electronic world now seems that much closer, as these songs throw listener's right into the thick of a digital battlefield. The two singers shriek over and along with each other, and allow for a dynamic call to arms made triumphantly complete with hardcore style breakdowns, marching barks of command, and even a few moments of metal edge. Think Kraftwerk in the mosh pit, or West Coast synthpunk with a violent, unhealthy addiction to Gorilla Biscuits from the year 3030. This new album, due out in April on FDH and P. Trash Records, is a must have for those who want to make ready for the maniacal end of the new world--or the fuming, dancing, brutal beginning of an old one.