Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes - 2x LP Vinyl

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Dark Lane Demo Tapes
12" Vinyl
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unofficial import, 2xLP version - Credit Drake for being both the most sonically consistent pop star of the last decade and also a work in progress. From album to album, year to year, he draws from a standard palette of moody R&B and puffed-chest rap, emotionally charged hip-hop and muscular soul. But at the same time, he’s always slathering his approach atop new inputs: dancehall, grime, Houston rap, Afrobeats and beyond. Unlike many of his peers, he’ll put his credibility on the line for a chance to absorb and repurpose new sounds.

Which is why “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” — a largely effective album-length odds-and-ends collection but not, you know, an album — may be more valuable as data than as songs. As music, it’s a mostly sharp document of top-dog anxiety and solipsism.

“Dark Lane” shows Drake songs at various developmental points — full-fledged experiments in a range of regional and microscene styles, half-cooked ideas from old projects, classicist exercises, formal rhymes, informal rhymes. Omnivorous and osmotic, he feels his way around new production styles and tries out new flow patterns, attempting to make them jibe with the soft-edged style he excels at.
A1Drake - Deep Pockets
A2Drake - When To Say When
A3Drake - Chicago Freestyle
A4Drake - Not You Too
B1Drake - Toosie Slide
B2Drake - Desires
B3Drake - Time Flies
B4Drake - Landed
C1Drake - D4L
C2Drake - Pain 1993
C3Drake - Losses
C4Drake - From Florida With Love
D1Drake - Demons
D2Drake - War
Bonus Tracks
D3Drake, Lil Durk - Laugh Now Cry Later
D4DJ Khaled, Drake - Popstar

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