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Dutch Flat


The Dutch Flat were Matt Genz, Sam Schauer, and T. James Graham. The Dutch Flat's influences are broad and many, incorporating elements of straight driving rock, intricate rhythms, an indie/pop sense of melody, raw punk charisma, and post-rock groove, with dramatic vocals that hint at either some high school theatrical experience or hours spent listening to epic rock operas. Their songs build upon themselves, but not in a traditional (and typically boring) soft-and-quiet-to-louder-faster formula. There is true development of musical ideas here, actual tension and release rather than empty attempts at such.. Though undeniably a rock band in the most basic sense, there are moments of spine-tingling beauty and emotional insight behind their guileless hard-edged aesthetic. Originally a trio comprised of Chad Hanson (Mines, Field Notes), Schauer and Genz, the band went through a period as a five piece after the addition of Graham, and 2nd drummer Arron Bolton (Mines.) Genz, Graham and Schauer relocated the band to Portland before releasing their album Ghosts on Woodson Lateral in 2003. Sam and Matt are now in improv-art-core quartet ...worms, and Sam continues working solo as Modernstate "Dutch Flat has guitars that burn red with real intensity and persistence, as if they've been holding their breath just to let the pressure build. Their pulsing melodies are orchestrated around screams and great drum fills, or deflated vocals and a burning slide guitar. They have tons of neat, arty-punk ideas, but they don't go so far into their heads that they'll lose the audience. Conversely, they don't just play played-out indie rock, and their live show is probably going to blow you out of the EFFING water. -Julianne Shepherd, Portland Mercury

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