E. Blaze - For The Love Of It Vol. 3 Reloaded - LP Vinyl

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For The Love Of It Vol. 3 Reloaded
E. Blaze
12" Vinyl


Esteemed New York producer and Diggin' in the Crates crew (D.I.T.C) affiliate E. Blaze returns with For The Luv of It Vol. 3 Reloaded: a new edition of his 2015 Digital only project For The Luv of It Vol. 3.

Reloaded includes 5 brand new tracks that all sound very different from each other but fit well into the album as a whole. While still maintaining that gritty New York street flavor, Blaze also jumps to a dreamier style with graceful notes. After listening to the album, the legendary DJ Premier gave his stamp of approval saying, "This makes me wanna go to the studio and bang some!"

As a whole, Blaze's Reloaded is a very cohesive work. It provides such a New York sound and overall feel, yet each track serves as a different mood or vibe. Track 14, "Chuck" has an unabashedly triumphant feel to it from the strings to the piano notes, it exudes a certain New York confidence, whereas DJR, the track before it finds the listener dreaming or on vacation somewhere in a warm climate. Then there's "Drama" track 8 on the LP, whose title reveals the motif of the track which is an agressive, string and synth heavy, late night vibe, that finds us scheming and deliberating over something less than fun. The track "Raw" provides the listener with a very thought-provoking canvas to potentially rhyme over. Its brooding, reflective and a little eerie sounding with the vocal sample "wooooohh hoooooo" seeming to dominate the sound. Whether his tracks make the listener want to rap, sing, think, dance, or just enjoy life, E. Blaze's Reloaded is a masterful work that combines many different feelings and emotions into one blended and unique soundscape that is sure to resonate with listeners from all walks of life.
A1 Intro
A2 Rhap
A3 World
A4 Raw
A5 Jen
A6 Synth
A7 Mary
A8 Drama
B1 Sanl
B2 James
B3 Chapp
B4 Trois
B6 Chuck
B7 Vol
B8 German