Eddie C - Country City Country - 2x LP Vinyl

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Country City Country
Eddie C
12" Vinyl


Double LP version. This is the second full-length album on Endless Flight by Eddie C. On his dubbed-out album opener "To Each Their Own," can you hear the echoes of Jamaica clearly. Then his record passes away into some cool hip-hop instrumentals full of haunting samples that easily loop in your head. His hip-hop leaves the usual soul loop map behind while diving into some cosmic zones full of melting melodies. With the fifth track "Drinkin and Thinkin," he starts to drop a more demanding, danceable funk. From then on, style doesn't matter and Eddie C lets his musical love affairs fly freely with West Coast rock, Balearic, funk, cosmic-boogie, house, string-laden disco deepness -- you name it. When Eddie C was a child he played piano, violin and guitar. In high school he played in multiple bands and in the early '90s he went to the great techno parties in Toronto and Detroit and danced the night away. Later in the decade he had his own radio show for four years. In all that time he became a passionate record collector as well. That is why Country City Country is airy and laid-back, skipping from jazz to house, from dry, jacking rhythms to cool, rolling bass grooves, from wild, clapping drum beats to playful, uplifting Brazilian piano house madness. What Eddie C found in all of his machines is a funk that hits you wherever you are, whether it be in the deserted Canadian mountains, the green Jamaican hills, or in the Berghain wilderness.

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