Egoless - Before / After Ep - 12" Colored Vinyl

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Before / After Ep
12" Vinyl
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2020 reissue, originally released in 2012, limited to 250 - Egoless returns to LoDubs with three new tunes, showcasing both his signature Reggae centric garage, and a Dancefloor bass and drum workout akin to the bastard child of UK Funky and tribal drum driven Dubstep.

The first 12" From Egoless on LoDubs, "Rainbow Dub" was in an odd way a return to 2006 and the birth of LoDubs in several ways we never expected. Like our first 12", Starkey's "Dementia", we where entering a territory largely uncharted at that time, in that "Dementia" was a proto-Grime instrumental, produced by a stateside artist, which was an act unheard of in its day. In relation, "Rainbow Dub", an unusual hybrid of live instrumentation and bottom heavy riddim production, was structurally based on the principals of Dubstep, but was at its heart classic Jamaican dub, regardless of the fact it had came from Zagreb, Croatia, and thus also largely uncharted territory.

As with "Dementia" we chose to step back to our purest concept of presentation, and released it as a hand stamped record, limited to 200 copies. As then, it was our thought that music of this character, free of the homogeneous nature of modern EDM would find an audience fitting such a number. In that manner we where right both times, in that nearly every copy quickly found a home. In relation, both records proved to be the catalyst for a a whole new thread of growth in the sound, in that the attention the underground release "Dementia" received that in turn helped launch LoDubs back in 2006 was very similar to the support Egoless' "Rainbow Dub" garnered from the likes of J:Kenzo, Mistajam, BBC1Xtra, and numerous other DJ's all these years later.

As such, We present 3 new tunes from Egoless, An artist who better than any before him has demonstrated the direct connecting character traits between the original bass music sound of Jamaica and the modern sound of Garage in productions that are no history lesson, but instead and exercize in bass, groove and funkiness.
ABefore Dub
B1Woodpecker's Groove
B2The Day After The Riot