El Buho - Tributaries: A Remix Album - LP Vinyl

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Tributaries: A Remix Album
El Buho
12" Vinyl


After the release of his critically acclaimed debut LP Balance, Wonderwheel Recordings is happy to present a compilation entitled Tributaries, spanning El Buho's best remixes for other artists over the last 8 years – some new, some unreleased, and some old classics.

Ever since producer Robin Perkins aka El Buho begin making music, he has been focused on making edits, mashups and remixes of songs he loves & is inspired by and can incorporate into his globe trotting DJ sets and live performances. Tributaries focuses on different streams of music, and Buho's talent for fusing them together and flowing them into something altogether new. On this album there is Electronic music, Dem Bow, Cumbia, Dub, Polish Folk, Afro-Colombian, Peruvian traditional music, modern Sudanese folk and some of my favourite producers that have helped shape today's thriving Latin American electronic music scene – bands and producers such as Quantic, Alsarah & The Nubatones, Chancha Via Circuito, Lulacruza, Lido Pimienta, Begun, Grupo Canalon de Timbiqui, Go Dugong, Deela and more.

Tributaries is a reflection of our 21st century, connected world and the infinite possibilities and connections music offers.
1–Lido PimientaLido Pimienta - Humano (El Búho Remix) 04:3504:35
2–Kike PintoMi Corazón (El Búho Remix)04:13
3–Chancha Vía CircuitoSueño en Paraguay (El Búho Remix)04:01
4–PopulousAlala (El Búho Remix)04:20
5–BukaharaShibren (El Búho Remix)04:36
6–Alsarah And The Nubatones3roos Elneel (El Búho Remix)4:12
7–LulacruzaCommandante (El Búho Remix)05:53
8–Grupo Canalon De TimbiquiCamino Largo (El Búho Remix)05:59
9–Warsaw Village Band*What Have You Been Doing Kasia (El Búho Remix)04:41