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The Latin Grammy nominated producer, and DJ, El Dusty has grown a cult following and garnered critical acclaim for his turntable styles and sampling chops since his viral single “K Le Pasa.” Critical acclaim has hailed El Dusty as Rolling Stone’s 10 New Artists You Need to Know, Billboard’s New Latin Act to Watch, and Pandora’s Latin Artists. Known for his collaborative nature and trendsetting beats, El Dusty is set to release his debut album Cumbia City with AfterCluv.

Cumbia City crosses genres, trends and cultures, and is redefining electronic music. “This album is cool as hell and funky!” comments El Dusty, “This takes the old with the new and it becomes a new style, a new song, a new genre – it is more than Cumbia, it’s electronic styles with live drums and modern beats.” El Dusty adds “I approach the whole album with live recordings in mind. Every sample was re-recorded live to create a mashed up turntable-like production meets a song-like format.” Raised in Corpus Christi, TX, El Dusty started as a radio DJ at the age of 16 and was mixing and cutting up tracks soon after he inherited his uncle’s massive record collection. His influences include Tejano anthems, Chicano soul music, classic rock along side a solid education in hip-hop, house music and DMC videos. He started touring as the DJ for Baby Bash & Frankie J early on, and eventually he was collaborating with the likes of Angel Hunte, Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound), reggaeton innovator DJ Blass, bass producer Happy Colors to name a few. Reflective of his musical upbringing, Cumbia City is an amalgamation of turntable science, hip-hop, and bass-heavy electronic styles re-imagined for the new generation of bass-heavy and sound system music.

Cumbia City is a 14 track album full of dance floor bangers, including “K Te Amo” ft. Los Chinchillos Del Caribe, taking electronic producing to new levels El Dusty recorded live the original verses from the sample tracks with Los Chinchillos Del Caribe and add in a few new verses, along side the guest appearance from Los Telez, the artists from the original sample, who re-sang the original hook for this track. Another standout is “Sakudete El Polvo” Ft. Los Masters Plus, which takes the Texas Crunk to new cumbia levels. “Loquita Loca” Ft. Master Blaster Sound Systems, is a hip-hop influence track featuring Master Blaster Sound Systems’ lyricist Cecy. “Cumbia Anthem” is a club banger that is a staple for any sound system, melding together heavy 808s, trap snares, and an iconic sample from San Jacinto, Colombia’s cumbia star Andrés Landero. “Mi Chola” Ft. Cut Chemist and was the first collaboration between the two tastemakers and lead to El Dusty supporting Cut Chemist on their current tour. With “LaChusa” Ft. Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound), El Dusty comments, “I did the beat in Corpus and sent it to Camilo to record his vocals in Mexico City. Camilo gives it a dope eerie vibe to an awkward cumbia beat. It reminds me of some 90’s house tunes I used to rock as a kid.” The lead single “La Cumbia” ft. Boogat premiered with Billboard recently who said, “While El Dusty loves to bend genres, his new single and video for “La Cumbia,” featuring Canadian-Mexican artist Boogát (another genre-bending loving amalgam), is a classic ode to the beat, Mexican-style.”

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