Enigma Dubz - Greedy Gutz Ep - 12" Vinyl

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Enigma Dubz
Greedy Gutz Ep
12" Vinyl


Lifting the veil for Dub Sector's 6th instalment in their vinyl series, the St Louis-based Dubstep hub welcomes none other than ENiGMA Dubz to the heavyweight discography with an unruly three-track armament. Residing in Birmingham, the newest addition to the Dub Sector roster perfected his craft with more than a decade of experience and releases on esteemed labels, such as Duploc, Hatched and Dubstar as well as Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz. For Dub Sector’s next outing, the imprint’s second vinyl release of 2020, ENiGMA Dubz pulls out the big guns once again.

Loaded with musical artillery, the 'Greedy Gutz' EP provides ample fuel to test the Hi-Fi, sound systems and your neighbours alike. Heavily leaning into a super-charged juxtaposition of futuristic and vintage elements, 'Steppas' rules with an iron fist, commanding militant drums and weapons-grade basslines. Riddled with intricate fills and classic melodies, dub sirens and anthemic vocal samples - sure to induce head-nodding and dancing alike. Bursting head-on into the title track, 'Greedy Gutz' stirs up anticipation as the haunting atmosphere fuses with the matching, gargantuan instrumentation - unloading subterranean wobbles in the process. Murderous distortion exerts the sonic equivalent of fire alongside volleys of unrestrained pressure bursts, forged with pristine craftsmanship. Setting the final discharge in motion, 'Descending' unearths a hypnotic staccato lead melody, arising from the evanescent ambience. The offkilter groove in full swing, heavy-duty sub excursions unfold in the subsequent arrangement, culminating in full-frontal sound-boy carnage.
B1Greedy Gutz

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