Eoc - Information Warfare - 12" Vinyl

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Information Warfare
12" Vinyl


Ai's 25th full length package is in fact two separate EPs delivered as a single vinyl release and sees the label return to its more experimental side with refreshingly original music from Japan's EOC. This love of such an eclectic and massively varied selection of music results in EOC's productions ending up on a genre almost of their own and this is quite simply how the artist intends it to be, having let his music be created almost from the movement of his limbs manipulating his equipment rather than trying to reach any kind of pre-meditated goal. Upon dropping the needle on side A, Information Warfare EP, the listener is almost immediately met by the layer of distortion and static that is undoubtedly the single element that helps to define EOC's sound. Opening track 'jabberer and gabber' layers the noise on top of the already distorted electro beats and ethereal melodies in order to deliver a deeply textured track focused on the floor. '0000_975' turns this approach on its head with a beatless number that juxtaposes the weightless ambience and deep, dubby reverb with a persistent hi-hat and the ever-present static lulling the listener into an almost dream-like state ahead of the tough repetitive beats of 'Icebarg.' If '0000_975' was for sitting back and relaxing, then 'Icebarg' is most definitely intended to rouse the listener from their slumber and will do so with a bang! 'White Chrysanthemum Song' opens with a choral theme equal parts ecclesiastical hymn and underwater Drexciyan wail. The distorted vocal arrangement slowly builds as the disparate effects are added ahead of the track's sudden climax, heralding the end of the first side.
Information Warfare
A1 Jabberer And Gabber
A2 0000_975
A3 Icebarg
A4 White Chrysanthemum Song
B1 Disparity
B2 New Translation
B3 Vinyl Loony Bin
B4 Linkage