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The Neon
12" Vinyl


England’s infamous and synth-pop genre-defining duo, Erasure, returns with their eighth studio album The Neon, bringing audiences a refreshment of slick new-wave grooves. Embedding their roots into the musical world since before Erasure was ever formed with Vince Clarke’s inspirational presence before Dave Gahan’s arrival in what would be later remembered forever as Depeche Mode, Clarke’s interest in electronic music would be sparked upon hearing Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or (OMD). It was only after Clarke left and sent out an advert in the local paper would Andy Bell join the scene and become Erasure’s iconic frontman vocalist.

With rocky beginnings, Erasure received adequate recognition for their first two albums Wonderland and Circus, it would be their third studio album, The Innocents, that would bring the duo to fame sparking a surge of popularity. Since then Erasure has produced a plethora of music ranging over 200 tracks, and production for various other sources whilst becoming an LGBTQ+ icon.

Erasure has been among other ’80s musical groups as a driving inspiration to many of the synthpop bands of today and remains a resource for recognition to their witting brilliance with the musical arts of synth-wave. The Neon is worth the listen and will cause people to hit the repeat button; it just adds to an endless menagerie of music and works Bell and Clarke have put out throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries. This album is sure to satisfy loyal Erasure and synth-wave fans across the globe.
A1Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
A2Nerves Of Steel
A3Fallen Angel
A4No Point In Tripping
A5Shot A Satellite
B1Tower Of Love
B2Diamond Lies
B3New Horizons
B4Careful What I Try To Do
B5Kid You're Not Alone

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