Feed Me - Calimari Tuesday - 3x LP Vinyl

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Calimari Tuesday
Feed Me
12" Vinyl


"It's remarkable to think that Feed Me has yet to release a formal LP up to this point. Having been producing music under the guise of Spor for nearly ten years, Jon Gooch's catalogue of singles is numerous to say the least. When Feed Me first rose to prominence in 2010, it was after the debut of Feed Me's Big Adventure, the closest thing to a full-length album in his discography. Three years later, Feed Me presents Calamari Tuesday, 15 tracks of cinematic electro, dubstep, progressive house and more.

At the outset of the album, we are presented with 15 original productions, most of which are just seeing the light of the day for the first time. The sentiment is amplified when one begins the album. As the ominous orchestral synths of "Orion" introduce Calamari Tuesday, it's as if Feed Me is opening the gates to a mythical mountain. Thunder clouds roll off in the background, a counterpoint melody develops, the instruments intensify... suddenly an alarming countdown commences. There's no turning back; the percussion increases; finally, release! A dark beat commences, driven onwards by a booming kick drum and a thick, guttural synth. The track proceeds like a high speed train, pushing onwards with an unstoppable motion until a climax of silence. Welcome to Calamari Tuesday."

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