Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes - 2x LP Vinyl

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Until the Quiet Comes
Flying Lotus
12" Vinyl


Beat music's cosmic saviour ushers in his third album for Warp: a classy, 18-track suite of soul-infused electronics and Hip Hop vibrology. We can safely say he's still out on his own celestial plane, with suitably stellar guest turns from Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke to match a none-more elusive and intangible production style. A combination of time spent on the DMT pipe and in the studio has resulted an increasingly detailed yet more fragmented sonic vision on 'Until The Quiet Comes', a "collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies" refracting choice elements of spiritual jazz and booty thump beats through a hyperprismic modern soul. It embraces all the madness, constantly feeling frayed and alive, somehow capturing the ethereal magic and spatial dynamics of classic jazz recordings but rendered with lush, shapeshifting timbres and lightsounds. He's a master chemist of tone, texture and pattern, a matter proven in the gauzy, multi-dimensional whorl of swing drums and harmonised Badus in 'See Thru To U' or the divine retro-futurist arrangement of 'DMT Song' with Thundercat, or the way he transforms Thom Yorke with the hall-of-mirrors effects on 'Electric Candyman'. It's an incredibly well realised effort, one which we're sure will grow with stature over time.
All In 2:58
Getting There 1:49
Until The Colours Come 1:07
Heave[n] 2:22
Tiny Tortures 3:03
All The Secrets 1:56
Sultan's Request 1:41
Putty Boy Strout 2:53
See Thru To U 2:24
Until The Quiet Comes 2:40
DMT Song 1:19
The Nightcaller 3:28
Only If You Wanna 1:42
Electric Candyman 3:32
Hunger 3:39
Phantasm 3:51
Me Yesterday//Corded 4:39
Dream To Me 1:36

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