Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - The Main Event - LP Vinyl

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Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters were Brooklyn's very first MC Crew. They arrived on the scene with the Spyder D produced, "It's The Hip Hop" and then exploded with "The Main Event" whose live drum beats were played by the legendary Pumpkin and became one of the greatest hip hop beats of the 80's. Sadly the groups existence was brief, but their body of recordings collected here for the first time, including solo recordings by lead rapper Captain G. Whiz and productions by by Ced Gee and Paul C, prove that this group was a meaningful part of mid 80's "mid school" hip hop.

A1 The Main Event 3:10
A2 We're Back Y'all 5:17
A3 It's The Hip Hop 4:30
A4 All The Way Live 4:03
A5 Bed Stuy Freestyle 2:31
B1 Freddy's Back 3:32
B2 Coolin' On The Ave 4:15
B3 The Main Event (Round Two) 4:56
B4 It's Hype 2:41
B5 Go G. Whiz 4:00

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