Gil Scott Heron - Free Will - LP Vinyl

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Free Will
Gil Scott Heron
12" Vinyl


A really tremendous album from the legendary Gil Scott-Heron - and a set that stands as one of his greatest statements from the 70s! The record is a wonderful example of Gil's work in two different styles - sweet mellow jazzy soul, and harder heavier protest poetry - the latter from his roots as a writer in touch with the streets, and the former part of a brilliant new direction that he was taking on the Flying Dutchman label. Side one features classic jazzy tracks recorded with Brian Jackson - like "Free Will", "The Middle Of Your Days", "Speed Kills", and "Did You Hear What They Said?". Side two moves over to a much sparer sound - and has Gil reciting some of his poetry with very heavy percussion, and a very righteous approach. The wisdom and knowledge of those pieces is a perfect example of the kinds of issues that were haunting black America in the early 70s - especially on the tracks "No Knock", "The King Alfred Plan", and "Sex Education: Ghetto Style".

1. Free Will
2. The Middle Of The Day
3. The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues
4. Speed Kills
5. Did You Hear What They Said?
6. The King Alfred Plan
7. No Knock
8. Wiggy
9. Ain T No New Thing
10. Billy Green Is Dead
11. Sex Education: Ghetto Style
12. And Then He Wrote Meditations

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