Golden Teacher - First Three Eps - LP Vinyl+CD

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First Three Eps
Golden Teacher
12" Vinyl


This Scot six-piece act draws comparisons to BRIAN ENO, TALKING HEADS, ESG, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, MORODER, DAF, & LIQUID LIQUID. The vinyl collects 8 songs from their first three EP's on OPTIMO MUSIC, but also includes the full 12 song CD with 60+ minutes of music.

A timeless, anachronistic synthesis of no wave punk funk, disco-no-disco and dubbed out tribalism, Golden Teacher distill the best traits of Liquid Liquid, Fela Kuti, Lee Perry and Arthur Russell to fulfill the exacting demands of Glasgow’s legendary party scene.

Off their Bells From The Deep End debut, you’ll catch the infectious no wave disco jig Rashomon and the clipped boogie strut of Love Rocket rubbing up against aces from Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night such as the subbass-fuelled skank of Like A Hawk or the astral trajectories of Dringhouses, whilst the Party People / Love 12” provides big highlights in the Patrick Cowley-esque disco plumage of Love and the rolling, synth-fuelled breaks of Party People.
LP A1 Rashomon
A2 Party People
A3 Dringhouses
A4 Love
B1 Like A Hawk
B2 Double Bump
B3 Love Rocket
B4 Dante And Pilgrim
CD 1 Rashomon
2 Party People
3 Double Bump
4 Love
5 Castlemilk
6 Silver Chalice
7 Like A Hawk
8 Sweat Bath With Saturn
9 Dringhouses
10 Dante And Pilgrim
11 Golden Chalice
12 Love Rocket

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