Hakim Murphy & Rev-S - CPH Sessions - 12" Vinyl

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CPH Sessions
Hakim Murphy & Rev-S
12" Vinyl
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This project was formed in back on the summer of 2012 as a collaboration between, Hakim Murphy & Rev S, aka Samuel Andre Madsen, a Danish producer who has made quite a name for himself and his various aliases since we first started out collaboration with his label Delaphine and releases across a span of European and American labels. These sessions feature deep pads, long melodic phrases, and super rhythmic drum programing.

Booming System - Classic drums begin as a melody line starts as the focus with moving percussion backing it up. Claps become the focus and set up the plush synth stabs, melodies, and harmonies to follow. Slowly the tones began to brighten the tune as time moves forward the tones become more intense. A distinct feel overcomes a listener, who can decide what it is they feel. The tune then breaks down into the percussion and rocks out to the end with playful arrangement.

Tryout - Percussions starts as the kick thuds like someone kicked a sack of potatoes. A clap syncopates and leads into the harmony line. The toms create a bass line followed by a melody line. The tunes joins forces as the chords filter and the melody comes in and out. Liquid sounds is a great adjective as the tune progresses the feel is vast like the loneliness of the ocean. Deepness comes through as the thuds and hits become more complex one may find themselves humming the chord progression.

Sarah Aron Melkisedek - Longing chord melody begin a long chord phrase coupled with percussion. Later a banging bass line with the slightest bit of noise joins in as the melody starts it phrase over. Backup synth lines come to the forefront for a while to change up the emotion, clearing the tune up like fog in the night. Yet the fog of emotions return as the chords end the tune.