Hecker 3 - Track - 12" Vinyl

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Hecker 3
12" Vinyl


Hitting us between the eyes from a blind spot on the distribution schedule, Editions Mego drop a thrilling three tracker from Florian Hecker. The label calls this "...some of Hecker's most accessible work to date, and a fine addition to any serious electronic music collection" and who are we to disagree?! From the press release we can assume that the tracks on the A-side were produced for the Comme des Garcons HOMME PLUS fashion show held in Paris, January 2009. We say this because they're both rhythm driven pieces, and we'd imagine emaciated models to be dropping like flies if they were subjected to the alien psychoacoustics on the other side. Those rhythmic pieces, titled only by their track lengths, are about the f*nkiest we've heard from Florian since his 'Hecker, Holler, Tracks' Lp on Semishigure, sticking to a steady 120bpm tempo in one instance with dynamic electro-acoustic figures evolving from the stodgy groove. Another slightly pacier track introduces super-low sub tones to balance out the scrunched elastic highs, keeping to a linear motion with odd concatenations threatening to diffuse the groove in four different directions at once. This is f*nky, to an extent, but I wouldn't bank on Marcus Nasty pulling it up on Rinse tonight. The flipside '23' 23"' is just incredible: a beatless, hallucinatory polychromatic soundscape, like being stuck in the centre of an industrial centrifuge spinning so fast that the noise seems to remain static in the same way as a zoetrope functions with light, while sounds bleed in from acutely peripheral angles to intensely affect your perceptions of space and time. With a beautifully minimal sleeve by Florian Pumhosl and a limited run of only 500 copies, this is what you call an essential purchase.
A1 A1 5:12
A2 A2 (Part 1) 2:40
A3 A2 (Part 2) 0:48
B B1 23:32