Hiele - Essential Oils - LP Vinyl

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Essential Oils
12" Vinyl
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Ekster presents the second album from the very talented Hiele -- more dope shit from this highly-skilled young whipper-snapper. Limited to 500 copies. Behavioral scientists discovered why watching a forest relaxes the mind while the sight of an urban jungle, no matter how intricate, stresses us out. A forest contains so many lines, triangles, etc., that our mind immediately gives up on trying to see it all. This giving up is the relaxing effect. In the city our eyes and mind keep on trying to see every line, square, rectangle, etc. Impossible of course, and thus: stressing. The same goes for Hiele's music, which is a true aural forest of all electronic music. There's simply too much to hear: ambient, 808 jack, '90s IDM, Chicago footstep, glitchy bits, etc. So, there are only two cerebral reactions possible. First, if not accustomed with electronic music, is to put the needle off the record after a few seconds into the first track, and to never give it a second try. Secondly, to sit back and let the ingenious compositions wash over you. By the time you've been able to pinpoint a certain recognizable sound, Essential Oils, even more so than its predecessor, has already moved on so much that it leaves you wondering if a new track has already begun or not. (This wondering, again, makes you lose the pace.) Most electronic artists would be able to make a full-length album with the material that Hiele uses in only one track. Yet, amidst all his frantic compositions, Hiele never loses his keen sense for sweet melodies and, yes, even danceable beats. The album comes in a full-color printed sleeve, with a cover photo by Hildegard Hanssen and graphic work by Victor Robyn. All tracks produced and mixed by Roman Hiele. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.