Housemeister - Op-1 - LP Vinyl+CD

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12" Vinyl


LP version. Comes with a CD copy of the album. Housemeister is back and guess what -- this time he only needed a handy little OP-1 synthesizer to make you feel giddy. But rewind: who is this master again? One of Berlin's long-standing techno maniacs. By the tender age of 17 he had been hit hard by punk, rap, grati, turntables, basement parties, Love Parade, Mayday, weed, 150 bpm, and legendary clubs like E-Werk, Tresor, Wal-sh, and Electric Ballroom. A heavy rave virus sucked up his body and soul, and in 1995 he moved to Kreuzberg to start producing high-energy music right from the middle of rave capital, Berlin. Some time later he released four albums with the BPitch collective and subsequently he seduced Europe with his intense techno. From then on, Housemeister kept riding the wave -- playing everywhere and every weekend. Finally he released his debut album Enlarge Your Dose on Boysnoize Records in 2005. In between he produced several EPs for BNR, launched the label All You Can Beat, and dropped on it with Who's That Noize?, another album that proved his party-crazy skills. Instead of resting, Housemeister continued to produce like a well-oiled machine and with 2011's Music Is Awesome album, he delivered overdriven arpeggios, punk rage, acid house psychedelic, and hard-style attacks. And now, he's back again to pad his heavy discography with another killer. Everything on OP-1 was made during his tour adventures with only his portable laboratory of sounds. The tracks on this concept album are called "Tokyo," "Berlin," "Paris," or "New York" and represent in sound the big city lights in whose shadow Housemeister tuned his brand-new tunes while being on the go: on airplanes and in hotel rooms. He recorded everything only with a little OP-1 synthesizer and made sure that his creativity bleeps like hell. Go ballistic to Housemeister's unique design of musical frenzy that wants nothing more than to drive you crazy.

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