Howie Pyro - Intoxica Radio (Halloween Special) - 2x Cassette

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Intoxica Radio (Halloween Special)
Howie Pyro


Twisted treats and menacing tricks await on this special Halloween edition of INTOXICA RADIO with Howie Pyro -- a 180-minute creepfest oozing with gory garage gems, kiddie ditties gone wrong, spooky soul stomps, ghoulish go-go, vintage TV and radio schlock, and pulsating punk nightmares. There is no better way to prepare for this wondrously weird realm then to surrender entirely to its infectious insanity; a bodacious brew dug up by a musical madman and underground legend. Rockstar (D Generation, Danzig), writer (Dangerous Minds), record collector Howie Pyro has been brutalizing the airwaves with his infamous Intoxica Radio show for over 11 years, unearthing grindingly good stomps, jams and freakouts that might never be heard otherwise in the process. A seminal New York underground fixture of the Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s era, playing in bands as a kid, hanging with everyone from the Ramones to the New York Dolls, and later helping to re-animate the NYC scene with rock spot Coney Island High, Pyro’s pedigree and passion for discovery make him the ultimate guide to freaky faves and unheard raves. Now based in LA as a successful events DJ, Pyro pulls from his always-growing 30,000+ vinyl collection for Intoxica Radio, a sonic haunt celebrating long lost rock gems and the grooviest, greasiest classics alongside oddball pop, blues, psych, slop retro ad promos, 50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, and voodoo R&B. No genre is off limits, no composition too crazed, no subject matter is too taboo. This presentation of Intoxica is a 2009 broadcast of the show, released (along with artwork prints, stickers and more) as a double cassette in an album-sleeve clamshell case reminiscent of vintage VHS tapes. It’s a spooktacular example of the internationally-admired cult phenomenon that is Intoxica Radio. Let it possess you again and again, if you dare...

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