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12" Vinyl


With 70+ releases, 40+ remixes, 75+ compilation appearances and still counting in under 4 years, prolific would be an understatement to one of today's youngest and most invigorating producers in dance music today -- Sweden's John Dahlback. He's covered the vast spectrum of the electronic music community in record time; from his first recording for the prestigious Chicago-based Deep4life imprint, being a major force behind Steve Bug's house label Dessous, his own 10 releases on his renowned imprint Pickadoll, the timeless contributions to Morris Audio, his collaborations with his equally fruitful cousin Jesper Dahlback as Hugg & Pepp, remixing Slamm for Soma, Eric Prydz for Ministry Of Sound and 12"s on their own Dahlback label, PLUS their massive single as Dahlback & Dahlback for Turbo and that breakthrough remix for The Knife. We've barely scratched the surface as his credits run longer than the end-list of Lord Of The Rings. It's only natural when one of '90s techno's most copious musicians and Kompakt co-owner Wolfgang Voigt struck a personal affinity to John Dahlback when he reached out to Kompakt under his new techno alias, Hug. At that point, a new imprint (aptly titled K2) was being developed in attempts to bring a true form of minimal techno back to the Kompakt fold. Dahlback had found a versatile method to create playful, melodic and tremendously functional minimal techno for what would become his first EP, The Angry Ghost, for K2 (and the 2nd release for the imprint). Now with four singles under his belt for the imprint as Hug, Dahlback's releases have helped build the identity (and successes) of K2, so it's fitting that he be the first musician to deliver the first full-length commemorating an artist from the imprint. Heroes is not a collection of these 12" singles (though the album features two favorites, "Raido" and "Birds," previously released on K2) but a tremendously adherent album that reflects the full-sounding nature of his Hug project in a heterogeneous fashion -- analog meets digital in the most fundamental of ways.