J Dilla - Dillatronic - 2x LP Vinyl

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J Dilla
12" Vinyl


The late, great J Dilla is rightly celebrated as one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time, in part because his ear for music was so diverse and expansive. As Dilla’s mother Ma Dukes explains, “He didn’t come with a limited capacity, and real producers produce, produce, and produce. “There are no formats for genius workers...just non-stop creations.” Now, a fresh batch of those creations will be made available to the world for the first time, in the form of the latest official J Dilla release, Dillatronic. Presented by Ma Dukes and compiled by DJs Alien Villainz (fellow Detroit natives who worked closely with Dilla), Dillatronic contains over 40 rare instrumentals that showcase Dilla’s undeniable electronic influences. J Dilla’s music was impacted by the diverse musical history of Detroit - the birthplace of Techno and one of the most important cities in the history of electronic music. “You can hear it in songs like ‘Raise It Up’ for Slum Village or ‘Make It Hurt’ for Busta Rhymes,” says Young RJ (Dilla’s protégé and member of Slum Village). “The Detroit influence is part of what gave him an edge in production.” With today’s music sounding more electronic than ever, Dillatronic has a shockingly contemporary feel. “These tracks are still ahead of their time sonically,” explains RJ. “The things producers are doing now, Dilla did that 15 years ago.”
A1Dillatronic 1
A2Dillatronic 2
A3Dillatronic 3
A4Dillatronic 4
A5Dillatronic 5
A6Dillatronic 6
A7Dillatronic 7
A8Dillatronic 8
A9Dillatronic 9
A10Dillatronic 10
B1Dillatronic 11
B2Dillatronic 12
B3Dillatronic 13
B4Dillatronic 14
B5Dillatronic 15
B6Dillatronic 16
B7Dillatronic 17
B8Dillatronic 18
B9Dillatronic 19
B10Dillatronic 20
C1Dillatronic 21
C2Dillatronic 22
C3Dillatronic 23
C4Dillatronic 24
C5Dillatronic 25
C6Dillatronic 26
C7Dillatronic 27
C8Dillatronic 28
C9Dillatronic 29
C10Dillatronic 30
D1Dillatronic 31
D2Dillatronic 32
D3Dillatronic 33
D4Dillatronic 34
D5Dillatronic 35
D6Dillatronic 36
D7Dillatronic 37
D8Dillatronic 38
D9Dillatronic 39
D10Dillatronic 40
D11Dillatronic 41

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