Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Vol. 2: The Heart Of Noise - 2x LP Vinyl

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Electronica Vol. 2: The Heart Of Noise
Jean-Michel Jarre
12" Vinyl


Jean-Michel Jarre is one of electronic music’s most important and influential figures. Jarre elevated the genre to new peaks of popularity as early as the late 70’s and 80’s with 80 million albums sold worldwide, to date. Emerging as an innovative international superstar, he created a new format of out-door concert performance that has contributed to break the ground for a new generation of out-door live cultural events. Multifaceted artist, Jean-Michel Jarre is also composer and lyricist of milestone hits in his native France and composer of international movie soundtracks. Jarre recorded Vol 1 & 2 with more than 30 collaborators, showing the true extent of his range, his reach and his influence in the wider music world. Tapping new artists like Gesaffelstein and Little Boots alongside electronic music veterans such as Massive Attack and Moby, and fellow pioneers Tangerine Dream , John Carpenter or even The Who’s Pete Townshend,Electronica tells Jarre’s own personal history of electronic music.
A-1 –JM Jarre* & Rone Part 1 4:26
A-2 –JM Jarre* Part 2 4:10
A-3 –JM Jarre* & The Pet Shop Boys* Brick England 4:01
A-4 –JM Jarre* & Julia Holter These Creatures 3:40
A-5 –JM Jarre* & Primal Scream As One 3:58
B-1 –JM Jarre* & Gary Numan Here For You 3:59
B-2 –JM Jarre* & Hans Zimmer Electrees 4:10
B-3 –JM Jarre* & Edward Snowden Exit 6:19
B-4 –JM Jarre* & Peaches What You Want 3:27
C-1 –JM Jarre* & Sébastien Tellier Gisele 3:43
C-2 –JM Jarre* & The Orb Switch On Leon 4:43
C-3 –JM Jarre* & Siriusmo Circus 3:09
C-4 –JM Jarre* & Yello Why This, Why That And Why? 3:58
D-1 –JM Jarre* & Jeff Mills The Architect 4:43
D-2 –JM Jarre* & Cyndi Lauper Swipe To The Right 4:54
D-3 –JM Jarre* & Christophe Walking The Mile 4:52
D-4 –JM Jarre* Falling Down 3:23
D-5 –JM Jarre* The Heart Of Noise (The Origin) 2:39