Joey Negro - Remixed With Love Vol. 3 Pt. 3 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Remixed With Love Vol. 3 Pt. 3
Joey Negro
12" Vinyl


Part three of three double-LP versions; gatefold sleeve. Classic disco reworked from original multi-track tapes, Joey Negro's Remixed With Love Volume 3 is the latest edition of what has become the industry-leading disco remix series. No one knows this era of music better than Dave Lee, who under his Joey Negro alias once again turns his impeccable hand to some of the best-loved records ever committed to wax. Lee says, "I can clearly remember in the 1980s having fantasies about being a remixer and dreaming of tweaking my favorite songs and re-releasing them. I really never thought it would happen. The days when I receive the parts for some of these classic recordings are literally a dream come true."

Remixed With Love Volume 3 has been a real labor of love, and a release several years in the making. With original parts for some of these classics hard to find, and with major labels rightly protective of songs created by legendary artists, it is a testament to both the perseverance of Lee and the esteem in which he is held as a remixer that the project was ever completed. Lee has put his own inimitable spin on more than a dozen seminal records, with The Fatback Band, Patti LaBelle, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Odyssey and many more vying for attention across a stunning three-part gatefold double vinyl/double CD release.

As one would expect from an artist of Lee's caliber, he's taken the task extremely seriously. There are few producers with either the confident or ability to take on records of this heritage, but Lee has once again proved that when it comes to sensitive re-workings of disco staples, he's in a league of his own. All the remixes here are new and exclusive to the compilation, making Remixed With Love Volume 3 an essential purchase for any disco devotee.
A1–Glenn JonesI Am Somebody (Joey Negro Finessed Remix)
A2–Patrice RushenNever Gonna Give You Up (Joey Negro Re-Grooved Mix)
B1–Samuel Jonathan JohnsonYou (Joey Negro Zoomed In Mix)
B2–Deniece WilliamsFree (Joey Negro Re-Grooved Mix)
C1–Venus DodsonShining (Joey Negro Tribute To Leroy Burgess Mix)
C2–Gwen McCraeDoin' It (Joey Negro Soulful Reprise)
D1–Mass ProductionShante (Joey Negro Cosmic Funk Mix)

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