John Williams - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2x LP Vinyl

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John Williams
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
12" Vinyl


Bidding farewell to one of the most beloved series of all time, composer John Williams takes one last turn on the conductor's podium for his final contribution to the Star Wars cinematic universe with Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker. Much like the events onscreen, the score is also a family reunion of sorts, incorporating all of Williams' greatest Star Wars moments in one grand finale. Integrating these copious callbacks with the sequel trilogy newcomers is no minor task, but the composer does it with ease, unveiling even newer additions to the sonic canon ("Anthem of Evil," "The Rise of Skywalker") while trotting out almost every major theme from the previous eight films and weaving them throughout the soundtrack. Balancing light and dark side themes, the appropriate fear and dread are amplified by the skillful usage of the Emperor's associated motifs, "The Imperial March," Kylo Ren's theme, and the ominous First Order theme ("Prologue," "Journey to Exegol," and "Join Me"), while past themes for each of the main heroes often combine to rouse and inspire ("Destiny of a Jedi," "They Will Come," and "Reunion"). Although these leitmotifs fly as freely as a Stormtrooper's laser blasts, they land with precision in the master's hands, invoking nostalgia wherever necessary, creating unbearable tension, and tugging the heartstrings at all the appropriate moments (especially "We Go Together" and the redemptive "Farewell").

For fans in search of planet Pasaana's big Burning Man festival theme "Lido Hey" (composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and director J.J. Abrams) or the cool "Oma's Theme" from planet Kijimi (Williams himself gets a cameo as the titular bar owner), they'll have to look elsewhere, as neither song is included here ("The Speeder Chase" and "Fleeing from Kijimi" serve as those planets' respective score representatives). Nonetheless, the soundtrack already contains plenty of material to savor. Like the movie, there is a lot going on and repeat experiences slowly unveil all the layers of what Williams is attempting with this finale. Returning to where it all started, de facto finisher "A New Home" brings a victorious hero back to Tatooine and A New Hope, laying the past to rest at the setting of the twin suns. It's a proper close to this saga, right before Williams takes an 11-minute victory lap with "Finale," which allows every major theme to take one last bow. As the final, triumphant notes blare, Williams cements his place as an indelible and vital part of the Star Wars universe, the man responsible for creating some of the most recognizable pieces of film music for multiple generations of fans.
A1Fanfare And Prologue
A2Journey To Exegol
A3The Rise Of Skywalker
A4The Old Death Star
A5The Speeder Chase
B1Destiny Of A Jedi
B2Anthem Of Evil
B3Fleeing From Kijimi
B4We Go Together
B5Join Me
B6They Will Come
C1The Final Saber Duel
C2Battle Of The Resistance
C3Approaching The Throne
C4The Force Is With You
D2A New Home