Jon Brion - ParaNorman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2x LP Colored Vinyl

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Jon Brion
ParaNorman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
12" Vinyl


Mondo is proud to reissue Jon Brion’s original score to LAIKA’S PARANORMAN. 2XLP in deluxe gatefold jacket pressed on 2x 180 gram Neon Yellow with Bone swirl and Black Splatter vinyl.

Quirky composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion makes his animated film score debut with the LAIKA creature feature ParaNorman. Though the pairing may initially seem odd, looking back at some of Brion's live action movie music -- P.T. Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love, Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Charlie Kaufmann's Synecdoche, New York -- reveals surrealist leanings that paint the picture. In fact, before Brion wrote a single note for ParaNorman, directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell listened to the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack while editing scenes, helping to build the film's atmosphere of offbeat fun and darkly beautiful fantasy. As preteen misfit Norman grapples with school bullies and tries to save his town from a witch's centuries-old curse, Brion is on hand to elevate all of the action, from Goblin-esque eerie synth lines ("Zombie Attack in the Eighties," "Zombies Attack"), paranoid, lurching percussion ("Aggie Fights"), and monster movie majesty ("Goodbye Mr P/Historic Drama/Grounded/Heavy Visitation"), to gentle Tin Pan Alley melodies (main theme "Norman at the Piano") and pastoral Laurel Canyon pop ("Norman's Walk"). Some of ParaNorman's less stylized moments, like "Moth Rock," recall Danny Elfman's work with Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride), but all in all it's a Frankenstein's monster-like mish-mash of kid-friendly chills and silly camp, synthesized through Brion's high-concept eccentricity.
A1Zombie Attack In The Eighties1:48
A2Norman At The Piano / Main Title1:07
A3Norman's Walk2:53
A4Alvin Attacks0:49
A5Enter Neil / Mr P / Ghost Walk / Ghost Dog4:22
A6Goodbye Mr P / Historic Drama / Grounded / Heavy Visitation5:28
B1Alvin Again / Scary Bedroom1:13
B2Norman Tries To Keep It Cool / Grandma's Got Your Back1:28
B3Moth Rock1:26
B4The Dead Shall Be Raised3:06
B5Zombies Attack7:59
C1People Attack15:56
C2Are We There Yet?0:24
D1Aggie Fights6:46
D3Oh, And One More Thing4:24