Josh One - Abstract Workshop - 12" Vinyl

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Abstract Workshop
Josh One
12" Vinyl


Eight years after its inception, Orange County, California's legendary Abstract Workshop Collective is proud to introduce Abstract Workshop Music - A new home for modern eclecticism. In true Workshop fashion, their debut record is a combination of creative works and collaborative efforts showcasing Abstract Workshop Music's first recording artist, the ever-talented Jud Nester. From the square wave bass pulsations and crisp, modern production on "Eluding", by The Workshop's own Josh One, Cocoe and Jud Nester, to the appearance of Abstract Workshop's first lady, Erinn Karman on "OK Sexy", this piece of wax is positioned to be a collector's item for all discerning vinyl lovers and music enthusiasts. "Destiny" sees additional production by E "Danger" Coomes - having worked with the likes of DJ Quik and Kanye West, "Danger" adds his trademark spice to the mix. Coming on strong, this plate takes off right out of the gate to give you an eclectic blend of modern electronic production with influences derived from Soul, Funk, Down-tempo, Drum and Bass, House and Jazz - with a strong urban and hip hop drive - placing The Abstract Workshop in their own original, sonic playground. Each and every groove weaves smoothly in and out of Jud's nimble lyrical stylings - voice and sounds working in unison to increase the vibe with every note. Side A was produced to its finality by Cocoe at the Abstract Workshop Studio in Huntington Beach, California , while side B was produced by Jud Nester at the Lab Rat Recording Room in Long Beach, California . This EP is but a sampler of the serious sounds to come from Abstract Workshop Music. "I didn't know these cats got down like this. Good sht...good shit.....good sht. I'm glad to have these guys on my side. Don't sleep! Now excuse me while I take another listen." J.Rocc - Beat Junkies "Abstract Workshop brings the vibes with mellow breaks n funky blips of sweet soul stew. Sloppy slappers indeed." J Boogie - Dubtronic Science

1. Eluding
2. Stop Right There
3. Stop Right There Dub
4. OK Sexy featuring Erinn
5. Destiny
6. City Lights Dub