Kelela - Cut 4 Me (Deluxe) - 3x LP Vinyl

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Cut 4 Me (Deluxe)
12" Vinyl


Deluxe triple gatefold featuring a bonus 12" of remixes from Girl Unit, Jam City, Nguzunguzu, and Kingdom.

Kelela's world-taking 'Cut 4 Me' (2013) mixtape blooms from 13 to 22 tracks, augmented with dramatic new remixes and riddims from Jam City, Neana, Kingdom, Mike Q, Massacooramaan...

The jewel in Fade to Mind's crown, Kelela steps out with a glittering debut mixtape/album starring production from Jam City, Kingdom, Morri$, Bok Bok, Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit and more. Hailing from DC via LA, Kelela established an alluring rep with guest vocals on records by Teengirl Fantasy and Daedelus before knocking out her sublime 'Bank Head' single with Kingdom earlier this year. Described as "a deeply personal body of work...situated in a universe where R&B and pop conventions are both celebrated and challenged' neatly summarises this, her most substantial and impressive piece of work to date. Breezing above and thru a stock of heavyweight instrumentals from her Night Slugs/Fade 2 Mind fam, from Bok Bok's wavey 'Guns & Synths' ace, to the crystalline, free-floating structure of 'Do It Again' by NA (who dat?) and Jam City's luxuriant soul strings on 'Cherry Coffee', her effortless, curling hooks and melodic narration distinguishes Kelela as one of the strongest new vocalists you'll hear all year.

For the bonus 12" Jam City entirely overhauls 'Keep It Cool' with a smoother sorta tension; Kingdom resets 'Enemy' with a low-riding ballroom swagger; Mike Q ramps the spare Jam City mix of 'Cherry Coffee' with flash and bolshy ballroom flair; 'Go All Night' gets a kick drum reinforcement from Neana, contrasting sharply with the tessellating prisms of Massacooramaan's crystalline render.

A1 Guns & Synths
A2 Enemy
A3 Floor Show
A4 Do It Again
B1 Go All Night (Let Me Roll)
B2 Bank Head (Extended)
B3 Cut 4 Me
C1 Keep It Cool
C2 Send Me Out
C3 Go All Night (Let It Burn)
D1 Something Else
D2 A Lie
D3 Cherry Coffee
E1 Fade To Mind (Interlude)
E2 Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix)
E3 Enemy (Kingdom's Destruction Before Paradise Mix)
E4 Send Me Out (Girl Unit Remix)
E5 Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix)
F1 Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix)
F2 Cherry Coffee (Mike Q's Almighty Mix)
F3 Go All Night (Neana Remix)
F4 Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix)