Kev Brown - Always / Albany - 7" Vinyl

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Always / Albany
Kev Brown
7" Vinyl


"Kev Brown's Low Budget Records presents two of his biggest hits and long time fan favorites, Always & Albany on one LTD Edition, split color vinyl EP.

What comes to mind when you think of the word "always?" Maybe it's that special childhood memory that brings a smile to your face when the clouds of life begin to creepin and cast shadows on your shine? Or, is it that special person in your life that has been there despite the ups and downs through thick and thin? No matter what exemplifies your special definition, it may be a safe bet to say that Hip Hop has provided the backdrop for your memories. If we could apply the term "always" to Kev Brown's production it would consist of steady, well-programmed drums, grooving bass lines, and soulful, emotive chops that have come to define his production regimen over the years.

With that said, his latest single "Always" should strike a chord with long-time fans and those new to Kev's work. The guitar plucks, fender Rhodes, and the various horns and woodwinds provide a hypnotic tone that can only leave the listener head nodding and reflecting on the trials and tribulations that life brings. As with any well-crafted music, that which needs to be overcome does not seem as overwhelming and a feeling of persevering begins to engulf the listener with the sweet essence of hope. "Albany" continues in the same vein as the A-side with Kev reflecting on lost love, a common thread in our human existence. The song provides no fairy tale ending, but a relatable narrative that eases the pain of a fading love. It is through Kev Brown's pain that we can find some solace and a better understanding of our own experiences. The melancholic programming poignantly captures the emotions and the vocals only further enhance the sonic backdrop and expressed longing of the MC."