King Britt / Sister Gertrude Morgan - Let's Make A Record - 2x LP Vinyl

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Let's Make A Record
King Britt / Sister Gertrude Morgan
12" Vinyl


For the first time on vinyl, the historic 1969 Preservation Hall recording of Sister Gertrude Morgan “Let's Make a Record” paired with its 2004 re-imagining “King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan”. Triple gatefold, double LP features both original album covers and art from Sister Gertrude Morgan.
King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan
A1–King BrittLet's Make A Record
A2–King BrittLiving Bread
A3–King BrittDevil's Music
A4–King BrittPower (Voodoo Version)
A5–King BrittTake The Lord Along With U
B1–King BrittReligion From Her
B2–King BrittI Was Healed By The Wounds
B3–King BrittLive Like Jesus
B4–King BrittScared [Scene 3]
B5–King BrittGod's Word
B6–King BrittCelebrate [Scene 4]
B7–King BrittNew World In My View
B8–King BrittUnceremonious [Scene 5]
B9–King BrittPrecious Lord Lead Me On
B10–King BrittYou Alright [Scene 6]
Let's Make A Record
C1–Sister Gertrude MorganLet's Make A Record
C2–Sister Gertrude MorganWay In The Middle Of The Air
C3–Sister Gertrude MorganI Got The New World In My View
C4–Sister Gertrude MorganIf You Live Like Jesus Told You
C5–Sister Gertrude MorganHe Wrote The Revelation
C6–Sister Gertrude MorganTake The Lord Along With You
C7–Sister Gertrude MorganThe Gift Of God Is Eternal Life
D1–Sister Gertrude MorganPower
D2–Sister Gertrude MorganI Was Healed By The Wound In His Side
D3–Sister Gertrude MorganTake My Hand, Lead Me On
D4–Sister Gertrude MorganI Am The Living Bread
D5–Sister Gertrude MorganNew Jerusalem
D6–Sister Gertrude MorganGod's Word Will Never Pass Away
D7–Sister Gertrude MorganPower