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This diverse production and sharp lyrical feast resonate K-Lash s trademark status as a lyrical connoisseur and one of the pioneers of the UK hip hop scene. It s what old fans will love and new fans will enjoy. Four words : beats, bars, flows, jokes. Dat Time sets the undertone for the album with heavyweight producer Beat Butcha providing that raw gritty beat which will have you snapping your neck in agreement with every drum kick and snare. K-Lash equally brings fire to this track with punchlines galore and an intoxicating chorus, making it a certified anthem this year. In contrast there are songs like Got To Be Right , produced by Show And Prove, with its soulful almost West Coast classic laid back vibe, sprinkled with Klash s descriptive word play and effortless delivery. It will transport the listener back to that Sagas feel, but with a new found energy. Ftlt , the title track for the album, features production from up and coming producer B Clever, who K-Lash met in Portishead through fate. They have been working closely ever since, and Ftlt' has all the ingredients needed for a classic underground hit. Raw intro, raw beat, raw bars...check, check, check. Banger!

The album also features production from DJ Whoo Kid & Red Spyda, Beat Butcher, Last Resort and more. This is a confident comeback that illustrates Klashnekoff s legendary status and assertive originality. He describes it as new energy, same essence . Classic production and lionhearted lyrics, juxtaposed with an array of effortlessly comical skits make Ftlt an impressive addition to Klashnekoff s catalogue, showcasing all his different talents. Here is an accomplished artist that can produce seriously good music without taking himself too seriously. And the album speaks for itself. There's no theme to the album, just vibes. Half of it was made in London when I was thinking a bit more introspective, and the other half when I was outside London and more relaxed. So it s a combination of both vibes, but more to the point it s just good music.
2Dat Time
3Wobble Wobble [Skit]
4Brand New Day
5Do It Like
6Clear My Throat Freestyle
7Got To Be Right
9DJ Meloss [Skit]
10Match Time
11DJ Meloss [Skit]
12Stick N Move
13In At The End Deep End
14Life In The Bits
16Cause & Effect ft. Gentleman [Freestyle]
17Heed My Words