Kode9 + The Spaceape - Memories Of The Future - 2x LP Vinyl

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Memories Of The Future
Kode9 + The Spaceape
12" Vinyl


first time on vinyl! And yellow vinyl, at that - limited to 2000 copies

The erstwhile sinofuturist (backed up by the constantly mutating tones of the Spaceape) has managed with his debut album to explore territory not confined to or even guided by the often formulaic dubstep structures used by so many producers on the scene. Indeed the album seems to relish the idea of the community splintering and refracting through a basscone prism of dub/steppers/hiphop/pop/2-step and post-junglist avenues. And so the result is a decpetively straightforward affair that doesn't even attempt to match the thick coat of emotional gloss present on the Burial album, instead looking towards an altogether more adrenaline-fuelled concept of music with its own uniquely addictive cadence. In other words - what starts off as complex ends up presenting itself as unforgetable, pop-fuelled material after 2 or 3 listens. Informed by a current spectrum of influential rhythm and bass styles, knitted together with a personal sense of melancholy and meditative reflection, Kode 9 draws from a deep well of sonic sources that range from the sound of the melodica and accordian through to Russian marching themes, classic Prince and 15 years worth of hardcore magic from A Guy Called Gerald's Black Secret Technology through to Steve Gurley or El-B's prototype 2-step/dubstep Machinations. Nine applies an experienced DJ's knowledge of dancehall dynamics and post junglist theory, attempting to create a quietly euphoric torque of rampant breakbeat science, basically without the breakbeats, utilising overwhelming bassline pressure and 'the drop' to advance 10 notches further along the hardcore continuum to a darkened corner behind the bassbins with an assured cyber-rudeboy stance. Including a track from each of the four 10" Singles with 10 new tracks ranging from dubbed piano interludes 'lime', dread subsonix 'Correction' or 'nine', and swinging off on sunny tangents with utterly infectious new single 'Curious' - Kode 9 once again presents hyperdub as a force for the head, feet and stomach without making any compromises.