Krayb David - Eggship Me Please Ep - 12" Vinyl

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Eggship Me Please Ep
Krayb David
12" Vinyl


For anyone following Cut & Paste Records' output for the past few years their latest release may seem totally out of the ordinary... 6 scratch records in a row and now some kind of futuristic techno?

But our intention is to help shake up the scratch world, and this record is made by and for turntablists as much as it is a stand-alone musical EP.

Krayb David was born out of the now-legendary Community Skratch Games which, for the past 10 years, have offered an alternative to the tired formats of most international turntablism shows and competitions.

Tales From The Eggship sounds like the music for a computer game, and we are told it documents the interstellar voyages of Krayb David as he drifts through space and time. Each track corresponds to a part of his absurd journey, with the 2 remixes perhaps representing alternative realities as Krayb's perception distorts and fractures as a consequence of his time-travel habit.

Tempo, rhythm, atmosphere and texture all change throughout the EP, with some tunes drifting wildly from one style to the next. While the journey is fast and confusing, it invites the listener to follow along and then continue beyond - which is why we hid some exclusive skip-proof scratch sentences on the record, along with an ambient and never-ending interlude that ends on a lock groove. (These bonus tracks are only on the vinyl release)

Breaking out of the same old format, Tales From The Eggship is not your average Cut & Paste release, your speakers won't know what hit them...
1Mm26-Athlone To St Petersberg
2Mm13-M25 17th Eggzit
3Mm42-Krustacian Nova
4Mm24-Unknown Egg Zone
5Mm26 -(The Person Remix)
6Mm26 -(Valance Drakes Remix)

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