Kromestar - My Sound Disc 1 - 12" Vinyl

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My Sound Disc 1
12" Vinyl
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disc 1 from the original 4x album in a plain paper sleeve - Deep Heads in association with Dubstar records are proud to present the 2021 Remaster, Vinyl edition special, of the seminal album ‘My Sound’ by Dubstep legend Kromestar.

Originally released in 2009, with high critical acclaim, the record is no doubt one of Kromestar’s most celebrated and recognised albums he’s ever created. An absolutely timeless collection of music, the album was groundbreaking at the time and still holds up as a quality album from start to finish in 2021.

This is golden era Dubstep at its best and the Dub in the step is ever-present throughout. You can hear Kromestar poured his heart and soul into this album and understandable it’s such a well-known record.

The original pressing was a sell-out and a very sought-after record going for some very high prices on Discogs. This re-master and pressing are extremely limited edition and no doubt will be another total sell-out.

The whole vibe of this album was made for Vinyl and bass frequencies are cut to absolute perfection by the wizard known as Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven. The re-mastering shines a light on these beautiful sub-low offerings and the pressing will be immaculate.

On this special vinyl edition are 2 bonus tracks included on the last plate. First, there is ‘Jasmine’ which is another classic Kromestar recording that is VINYL ONLY. No digital on this. Then there is unreleased ’Shakras’ that is a brand new Kromestar production that is a fresh 2021 Krome piece of music that is simply incredible.
A1 Galaktic War
A2 System Log
B1 Poltergeist
B2 Pass The Light