Leon Vynehall - Rojus (Designed To Dance) - 2x LP Vinyl

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Rojus (Designed To Dance)
Leon Vynehall
12" Vinyl


Double 12" version. Leon Vynehall has established himself as a genuine artist, creating proper songs that are as layered with musicality and craftsmanship as they are in tune with the dancefloor. Drawing influence from house, techno, disco, funk, hip hop, and soul, Vynehall's music incorporates many elements from his musical past as well; his journey, like most, began with playing drums and piano in bands as a teenager, which manifests itself in the raw, live sound he strives for in his productions. His work has seen him dabble in various tempos, palettes, and styles while always remaining unmistakably his own, reflecting his wide-ranging listening habits, which span everything from classical and orchestral compositions to post-punk. Vynehall describes the inspiration for Rojus (Designed To Dance): "Two years ago I played at Studio 9 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The following day I missed my flight home and ended up spending an extra day, which gave me a chance to explore the city with my friend Linus, who took me to the Contemporary Art Centre. It was there I spotted a book named Rojus, that Linus told me translated as 'Paradise'. The word and striking cover of the book stuck in my mind. A few days after returning home, I turned on a National Geographic documentary named Designed To Dance, explaining the courtship rituals of Birds Of Paradise." Rojus (Designed To Dance), Vynehall goes on to explain, is a "record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these Birds Of Paradise and their habitat."
A1 Beyond This... 3:40
A2 Saxony 4:28
A3 Beau Sovereign 5:59
B1 Paradisea 6:43
B2 Wahness 6:57
C Blush 8:35
D1 Kiburu's 8:39
D2 ...There Is You 5:21