Linkwood & Greg Foat - Linkwood & Foat - LP Vinyl

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Linkwood & Greg Foat
Linkwood & Foat
12" Vinyl


Athens of the north is not just here to release great music but to support our artist development and experimentation, to this end we always try to bring good people together to work on new music. This LP fuses two massive talents, for the first time to AOTN we introduce House and Techno legend Linkwood, joining him is one of the |UKs most respected Jazz Artists Greg Foat, who will need no introduction to AOTN fans.

‘Linkwood & Foat’ is the first LP to be recorded in the new ’Athens of the North Studio’, which was designed and built specifically for our artists so that they can create without the time pressures or expenses of studio hire elsewhere. With no fixed plans, no rules or expectations, the pair relaxed in the new studio and started making music. The result is very special indeed!

Linkwood had just returned from walking in the wilds of an Ibiza summer and Greg had similarly been immersed on the sun drenched south coast of the Isle of wight. This freedom and sense of space saturates the grooves of the LP juxtapositioned against a deeper late night basement club feel they both love so much, the pull between nightlife and the freedom of nature. It’s extroversion and introversion, the freedom and escapism of the two seemingly opposing environments permeates this recording.
1. Es Vedra 06:48
2. Marina 05:42
3. Pressure 06:58
4. Bentley 101 02:22
5. Sa Talaia 05:06
6. Neutrino 06:33
7. Push It 05:23
8. Mysterious Richie 04:40

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