Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix) - 12" Vinyl

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Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix)
Loleatta Holloway
12" Vinyl


From deep within the UK underground special things can emanate without warning. This is exactly what happened here, a special one-off white label remix of one of Disco's biggest stars by one of the founding members of possibly the most influential electronic music crews in the land? Yep. For the uninitiated Loleatta Holloway is part of dance music's DNA, one of the most recognisable voices in Disco. Her tones have graced numerous club classics, she's been sampled 1000's of times, her vocal fingerprints are all over classic House music and are instantly recognisable. Remixer Pangaea aka Kevin McAuley is one of the main members of the formidable Hessle Audio crew alongside Ben UFO and Ramadanman. Rising out of the post-dubstep terrain of modern day England McAuley is a truly open minded DJ and producer pushing sonic boundaries and him and his Hessle co-conspirators have long been garnering respect from all corners since their inception as a collective.

'Stand Up' is a truly potent combination of two very different talents, fusing Pangaea's sparse, stripped back, minimalistic approach and Holloway's roof-raising diva vocals with the end result being a futuristic club classic in the making that gives an understanding, respectful nod to what has come before while gazing forth into the unknown. Originally released as a promo-only white label, this remix has been wreaking havoc on dancefloors over the course of the summer and has featured heavily in the Hessle Audio crew's DJ sets. Gaining rave reviews on sites such as RA and with people literally passing out with excitement over this very special remix / re-edit it felt only right to give it a reissue on the label that serves as Loleatta Holloway's spiritual home - Salsoul Records.

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