Lost Lake - Sea Spine Ep - 12" Vinyl

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Sea Spine Ep
Lost Lake
12" Vinyl
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Lost Lake has been a long-time contributor to the Make Mistakes catalog, but for the first time, he steps from the shadows and stars in his own EP of groovin', good time lovin' acid house jams. Get up in here.

Lost Lake's two originals on this EP, Sea Spine, and Jar Clock, are a couple of classic acid house jams with a modern flare, making them must have for the future retro dance floors of today. When you're living in the future, you want the music to match your cyberpunk bacchanalia of a life, and Lost Lake is the soundtrack for those nights of sweaty abandon.

Jr Gacworth's dubby techno remix of Sea Spine brings a stripped down, slow rolling groove to the original. Playful, and bouncy, pull this one out when it's time to bring a tail shake and a smile to the party. And finally, Stuck at Sea's remix of Dose Lobby is a slow building hypno-jam, for psychedelic dance floors in outer space. A relentless climb up an acid mountain, built for heady afterhours parties in the upper atmosphere.

Another well rounded weapon for the record bag from Make Mistakes. Lost Lake delivers one of our most diverse vinyl EPs to date.

The Master was gravely ill, and Zilu requested to say a prayer. The Master said, “does such a thing happen?” Zilu replied, “yes, it does. The prayer for the dead says: “we pray thus to the spirits above and below.” The Master said: “my prayers have been going on for a long time.” - The Analects of Confucius
ASea Spine
A2Sea Spine (Jr Gacworth's Dubhoose Caboose)
B1Jar Clock
B2Dose Lobby (Stuck At Sea Mix)