M.I.A. - Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1
12" Vinyl


Piracy Funds Terrorism Volume 1, usually referred to simply as Piracy Funds Terrorism, is a mixtape produced by British recording artist M.I.A. and American DJ Diplo featuring vocal tracks intended for M.I.A.'s debut album Arular mashed up with samples of other recordings. The mixtape was produced by the two artists at Diplo's home studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was not officially released, but was distributed at M.I.A.'s live shows and via the internet to promote the release of her much-delayed debut album. Despite its unofficial status, several music publications included it in their listings of the best albums of 2004.

Recording sessions for Arular, the debut album by M.I.A., took place during 2003 and 2004, and the album was originally scheduled to be released in September 2004. Legal issues relating to the use of samples delayed this release, however, first to December and then into 2005. During the recording process, M.I.A. met DJ Diplo, and expressed an interest in working with him on a track for the album. Although their initial recording sessions together proved fruitless, Diplo conceived the idea of using the existing vocal tracks recorded for the album to produce a mixtape which could be used to promote the delayed full-length album. M.I.A. extended her stay in the United States and the two artists produced the mixtape at his home studio.

The mixtape includes early mixes of the vocals intended for Arular, mashed up with samples of tracks including "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles, "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z and "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa. Tunes by Baby, dead Prez, Missy Elliott, Ciara, LL Cool J and Cutty Ranks are also included. Necessary legal clearance for the use of these samples was not obtained, with the result that the mixtape could not be sold in record shops and could only be distributed by word of mouth. In addition to pop and hip hop, global music styles are included in the mix. The track "Galang" incorporates elements of reggaeton, and three tracks consist of Brazilian baile funk.
1 –M.I.A. (2) Galangaton (Diplo Mix) 2:04
2 –M.I.A. (2) Galang 2:59
3 –LL Cool J / Cavemen (2) Two Bit Rhythm (M.I.A. Mix) 3:44
4 –M.I.A. (2) Fire Bam (Diplo Mix) 1:55
5 –M.I.A. (2) Fire Fire 3:35
6 –M.I.A* / Missy* One For The Head Skit 1:39
7 –M.I.A. (2) Amazon (Diplo Mix) 3:34
8 –The Clipse* Definition Of A Roller 3:16
9 –M.I.A. (2) / Cutty Ranks Untitled 2:42
10 –M.I.A. (2) MIA 3:12
11 –M.I.A. (2) You're Good (Diplo Mix) 3:06
12 –M.I.A. (2) Pop 2:37
13 –M.I.A. (2) Sunshowers (Diplo Mix) 3:01
14 –M.I.A. (2) Baile Funk One 2:17
15 –M.I.A. (2) Bucky Done Gun 2:47
16 –M.I.A. (2) Baile Funk Two 1:46
17 –M.I.A. (2) China Girl (Diplo Mix) 2:10
18 –M.I.A. (2) Baile Funk Three 1:26
19 –M.I.A. (2) Lady Killer (Diplo Mix) 3:24
20 –M.I.A. (2) URAQT (Diplo Mix) 2:47
21 –M.I.A. (2) Bingo (Diplo Mix) 3:19

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