Mangiami Edits - Vol 3 - 12" Vinyl

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Vol 3
Mangiami Edits
12" Vinyl


I've been given the task of writing about three new installments in the channel xxx series, inspired by the late, great Mangiami restaurant. From 2006 until its lamented closing in 2012 Mangiami was the downtown clubhouse for a very New York cross-section of DJs, artists, musicians, fashion people, music obsessives and assorted layabouts. On any given night of the week you knew that within an hour of sitting down at the bar any number of your friends would soon appear, and be entertained by the massively charming owner, Gianfranco. Then there were the DJ nights. Every Monday (and later Wednesday) from after work until far too late on a weeknight pretty much a who's who of local heroes and international superstars would play on the rickety old Technics sat on the bar, with mayhem and general debauchery to follow. It wouldn't be a surprise to come in one night and find DJ Harvey at a table with Tim Sweeney next to Alex from Tokyo and Bing ji Ling with Eric Duncan manning the decks and 100 people crowded into the tiny space and spilling out into the street. These three 12s by some of the artists that frequented Mangiami, coming in advance of a compilation of original material on Golf Channel, are a pretty accurate view of what went on there. From low-slung fuzzed out sleaze through gritty roadhouse blues via stringy guitar solo led disco to bubbly, infectious afro disco and finally dubby, reverb-ed out sheer lying on the floor madness there is something for all moods to reflect the eclectic shenanigans that went on in that now hallowed space. Whilst I am not at liberty to reveal the identities behind these recordings, the word "luminaries" definitely springs to mind - cop the vinyl and all will be revealed. They're about to roll down the shutters! Get in!
A Music Take You
B And Your Point Is

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