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Soul-Tay-Shus continues its exploration of the Skiper Lee Frazer's Houston based Ovide Records catalogue with a never before profile of the grade a sweet soul group Masters of Soul. Sometimes reminiscent of the Dell's, sometimes reminiscent of the Temptations, the Masters employ every trick of the sweet soul trade from rich vocal harmonies and soaring falsettos to growling leads to create a universal sound that was not done justice by the neighborhood sensibilities of its label. The CD (STS CD 6315) offers the full spectrum of the groups talents with tempos all over the map, while the vinyl album counterpart concentrates on the funk and soul grooves that would permit DJs and or party goers to drop the needle and rock on.
A1 Star Child 3:25
A2 Super Lady 3:21
A3 I Hate You (In The Daytime And Love You At Night) 3:45
A4 Sad Face 2:33
A5 No Doubt About It 2:25
A6 Count The Times 2:33
B1 Right On 2:25
B2 Freaky Love 2:45
B3 Do You Really Love Me 2:46
B4 Do Da Electric Twist 2:08
B5 Love Loves Love 3:10
B6 Lord Bless My Women 2:45
B7 I Need You 2:41