Melcochita Y Su Conjunto - Dejen Bailar Al Loco - LP Vinyl

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Melcochita Y Su Conjunto
Dejen Bailar Al Loco
12" Vinyl


Despite his popularity as comedian in Peru, Pablo Villanueva Branda -- known as Melcochita -- proved himself being also a very talented musician whose recordings on Discos MAG portrait his solid career throughout the late '60s. Back in 1968, the year "Dejen bailar al loco" was released, Pablo was still known as Pacocha (the name of a popular brand of soap) and worked during the day as a session musician for the MAG label. At night, from eight to six in the morning, he used to play percussion in clubs. Then, at the weekends, he performed on the popular variety show La Peña Ferrando, which featured "Quality acting; very funny, simple sketches", impersonations and musical performances.

All these facets of Melcochita's life are reflected in the twelve songs of the album, recorded between 1967 and 1968, accompanied by the orchestras of Betico Salas, Joe di Roma, Nilo Espinoza, Carlos Muñoz, and Tito Chicoma. Most of the guarachas on the album are international hits, such as "El limoncito" and "Pa' gozá candela." The track, "Quiero casarme contigo" has Mexican origins, and it has been adapted to guaracha style by Betico Salas' orchestra. The humorous "No es un gato" hails from Colombia, while "Ahorita va a llové" and "Carta de Mamita" come from Cuba. "Dejen bailar al loco" and "Libre de pecado" are also from the Caribbean Island. "Cobardía" and "Dos almas" are classic boleros, which were already part of the repertoire of most singers back then and were also included on this album. The only way to perform them to the demanding audience at La Peña without being booed was to put a new spin on the songs, deconstruct them and reinvent the structure, as the Tito Chicoma and Joe di Roma orchestras did, and above all Melcochita, who sang them in a supernatural voice and a created Creole scat that must have wowed the audience, who would then burst into applause and laughter, going home happy after a great night out. First time reissue.
A1Dejen Bailar Al Loco
A2Ahorita Va Llove
A3El Limoncito
A4Libre De Pacado
A5Pa' Goza Candela
A6Dos Almas
B1No Es Un Gato
B2Carta De Mamita
B3Quiero Casarme Contigo
B4Los Goles De Pele
B6Trisagio Del Soltero