Method Man & Redman - Blackout! 2 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Blackout! 2
Method Man & Redman
12" Vinyl


In the decade that separates the original BLACKOUT! and the follow-up, hip-hop as we know it went through a few mutations while Meth and Red have largely stuck to their guns. Longtime fans will be pleased by the same tag-team rhyme chemistry ... Full Description(built on wise-ass pop-culture references, aggressive verbal quips, and a thriving reefer obsession), strong guest spots (from Wu and Def Squad affiliates) and hard-knock East Coast production (thanks to returning producers Erick Sermon, Rockwilder, DJ Scratch, and Mathematics). Still the Blunt Bros aren't impervious to industry trends; Dirty South influences have crept in (see the H-Town flavored "City Lights" featuring Bun B), the vocoder talk-box is utilized on occasion, and both MCs are prone to over-pronouncing their R's in country-bumpkin fashion. One listen to the wicked weed anthem, "Diz iz 4 All My Smokers," should put any doubts as to Meth and Red's continued compatibility to rest. Overall, BLACKOUT! 2 is a potent blend of hardcore and commercial that, in many ways, outshines the original.
A1 BO2 Intro
A2 I'm Dope Ni**a
A3 A-Yo
A4 Dangerous Mcees
B1 Everybody Scream
B2 Hey Zulu
B3 City Lights
B4 Father's Day
C1 Mrs. International
C2 How Bout That
C3 Dis Is 4 All My Smokers
C4 4 Minutes To Lock Down
D1 Neva Heard Dis B 4
D2 I Know Sumptn
D3 A 'Lil Bit

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