MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental - Good Morning Vietnam 3 - The Phoenix Program - LP Vinyl

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Good Morning Vietnam 3 - The Phoenix Program
MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental
12" Vinyl
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NOTE: jacket has a dented corner but VINYL IS MINT & UNPLAYED

The epic conclusion to one of the most ground-breaking and talked about album trilogies, GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM 3,-THE PHOENIX PROGRAM by DRASAR MONUMENTAL and MF GRIMM highlights the social and economic unrest of a generation. This third release has crafted a battlefield opus that is jammed packed with digital MC dominance, international intrigue, and historical framework marred by political rhetoric.

Using a brush dipped in the styles of Oliver Stone and Akira Kurosawa, this lyrical masterstroke paints a world that ascribes a conscious sense of realism and foreboding, sending a tidal wave of darkness and truth that all must reckon with. The deadly duo of innovative producer DRASAR MONUMENTAL and award-winning writer MF GRIMM presents the final act of one of the most ambitious undertaking in music history - one that will be talked about for years to come...

1 Birth Of Violence
A2 Rhymes Against Humanity
A3 Song Of The Winter Soldier
A4 Economics
A5 One Bullet Away, Two Steps From Home
A6 Apocalypse Now
A7 Dust To Dust
B1 Moral Compass (Fist Of The Northstar)
B2 A Gentleman Never Kissinger And Tell
B3 Glaciers Of Icex
B4 Family Jewels
B5 Patsy (Best Of The Worst, First Of The Last)
B6 For Those That Want To Label Us
B7 Hands Up To Heaven, Feet Firm In Hell
B8 Harmonics
B9 Chain Letter