Mighty Maytones - Tune In And Rock (Showcase Album) - LP Vinyl

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2014 repress of these undated 1970s recordings, repro of the original Pioneer International version. The Maytones is still one of those highly regarded names in the history of reggae music and upon listening to what they recorded in the golden era it's easy to see why. Pearl after pearl, the group delivered the goods time and time again. A word like 'timeless' is truly a cliché in describing the sweet two-male harmony sounds of this group, but it fits perfectly when talking of The Maytones work from that period and many other constellations of their ilk. Vernon Buckley and harmony singer Gladstone Grant started what was to become a very successful career as a harmony group back home in May Pen, a town in the parish of Clarendon, and The Maytones was just one of many excellent duos from Jamaica that sprung from the early reggae era, with the difference that they stayed on top for a longer time than most competitors at the time.

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