Mingmad Jimsu / Project Sandro - Sentrall 006 - 12" Colored Vinyl

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Sentrall 006
Mingmad Jimsu / Project Sandro
12" Vinyl


*Available for the first time on vinyl since the original pressing of 300 - special 10 year anniversary white vinyl edition* - One evening in 2005, Rollmottle and Tony Watson as “Project Sandro” produced “Blazer” before a night out in Downtown Los Angeles with Maurice Fulton. “Blazer” was a vision of the city, the sun, the sand, the smog, the swimsuits and slices of watermelon.<br/><br/> When “Blazer” was released it was a hard sell. It was too weird, too slow, too…something? The record sat untouched for almost a year. Eventually, the boys gave one to their kind bud, DJ Harvey. Once Harvey dropped it at FK's Deep Space in NYC, people started to understand. Soon after, a Japanese distributor called and purchased all 300 copies and the record sold out almost immediately.<br/><br/> And thus, the beginning of this record’s mythos began. A few recognized “Blazer’s” impact early on — a couple years after its initial release, Gerd Jansen licensed it for Sonar Kollektiv’s “Computer Incarnations For World Peace II” and Rong licensed it for “Rong Music Presents Non-Stop Vol. 1.” It remained largely impossible to find though, and much to Project Sandro’s dismay, it started selling on Discogs for $80.<br/><br/> But it was always clear people wanted to hear “Blazer.” And now for the first time in 10 years, it appears on its home imprint in a special 10 year anniversary limited edition of white vinyl. Project Sandro hopes people are ready for it this time!
A–Mingmad JimsuMadming Music (Live)
B–Project SandroBlazer