Mombasa - African Rhythms & Blues - LP Vinyl

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Original first LP release by the legendary Mombasa band: Deep Afro Funk & Jazz by Lou Blackburn and his group recorded 1975 in Germany - reissue of the essential and hard to find album on the label "Spiegelei ", transferred from the master tapes, contains the most wanted DJ-spins "Nairobi", "Kenia" and "Shango", comes with original cover artwork.

This is a classic and sought after afro funk LP. One of the best recordings in the genre: Pulsating African rhythms with funk bass and heavy brass sounds: Essential and ultra hard to find album with tons of true killer afro funk breaks. A sure killer set for collectors and DJs! Some also call it "a stripped down Fela Kuti sound".

From original liner notes 1975: In describing the music of Mombasa which is a mixture of rhythm, jazz, folklore, blues, spirituals and worksongs, Lou Blackburn would prefer not to use the word jazz. "Many people ask us", he says, "how one describes our type of music. To this I can only answer that I leave it to the audience because i don't want to give it a label, for me it is simply ours, Mombasa's music."

A1 Nairobi 7:26
A2 Massai 7:56
A3 Holz 4:17
B1 Kenia 6:42
B2 Makishi 2:32
B3 Shango 7:45

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